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The Trend of Countertops in 2022:

It goes without saying that the pandemic has changed the world drastically. The people remained in their houses which actually made things very observable for them. Ultimately, people now changed their overall perspective towards the trends of home decor and replaced it with the modern and sophisticated materials to bring forth the aesthetics every single person wants for the purpose to create a cosier, colourful, customised and personalised spaces around our home that will better define our lifestyles. Interior designers and experts from around the world share their predictions & experience for what is going to be in trend, especially kitchen countertops design for 2022 and so on. Indeed countertop materials are timeless and their trend goes on forever. Following countertop stones are those which have been predicted by the well known interior designers to be trending in 2022:


Oceanic Stones deal in all kinds of natural stones. The most common and popular natural stones are Marble, Quartzite, and Granite. These stones are considered as the number one trend in 2022 as these stones do not usually drop in value. We deal with a number of local suppliers in Great Vancouver with sample galleries where you can view a full stone material in person and decide the best choice for yourself.


Quartz is also known as Engineered Stone. The Quartz stone has originated as one of the most popularly used countertops in kitchens over the past many years, due to its design and elegance. This engineered stone is made up of 90% natural stone, but it is made up of resin and pigment which helps in sticking crystals of the quartz together. Quartz is famous for its durability, affordability, and is highly stain resistant which means it is easy to clean.


Keeping different dynamics of trends, Porcelain has widely attracted its clients owing to the nature of porcelain which is famous for its natural beauty alongside the ease it provides in maintenance. Porcelain Vancouver countertops are one of the ideal choices for your kitchen.


Dekton is the most recent addition to the market when it comes to countertop materials. With its ultra innovative nature and the compact surface which is refined by Cosentino, known as the makers of silestone, Dekton is said to be the blend of raw materials. Dekton is a brand new type of countertop surface that is created with a unique fabrication process called Sinterized Particle Technology (it is a high tech procedure which uses an accelerated version of metamorphic change). The process involves mixing the raw materials under extreme pressure and heat. It results in such a product that is easy to maintain and almost indestructible. Dekton is highly heat and scratch resistant and makes it a perfect countertop material for BBQ lovers.


When we talk about Solid Surfaces, we point at a complete acrylic surface which is widely used in countertop application especially in kitchens. Solid surface is a perfect mid-range countertop material for your kitchen in 2022. Clients are usually not interested in laminate but still looking for an affordable countertop. And this is exactly why they prefer Solid Surface countertops for their Kitchen. The benefits of Solid Surface include the non porous surface, the homogeneous structure and easy to clean.